December 19, 2005


From time to time I engage in one of the most horrid acts of blogging: The life update post, which can only be made respectable with the introduction of self-degrading photos but more likely will include a barrage of meaningless links to make the blogger feel as though the post cotains value. This is one of those posts and I've never owned a camera.

I finished the semester off excellent receiving 3 BA's and 1 B. I have 14 more credits scheduled for next semester before I graduate and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have had some free time to spend with friends and I have spent some of it watching movies. Movies that I have recently seen for the first time include: King Kong, The Chronicals of Narnia, Kinsey, Shaun of the Dead, Hotel Rwanda, and A Bug's Life.

Some of my other time has been spent reading books. I read The Wisdom of Crowds and Understanding Iraq. I enjoyed both immensely. I am going to try and take a list of books I've recently heard about to the Kalamazoo Public Library tomorrow and hunt for some more.

Finally, my on again/off again plan to visit Chicago finally was realized. It only took me 4 years of going to college on the west side of Michigan to make the 3 hour trip and for the first time (plain transfers not counted) stepping foot in another time zone. I rode down with Craig and Angie and discussed the finer things, such as super hero powers and the bottled wind industry (or lack there of). Our fearless tour guide led us around to such places as Millennium Park, The Chicago Institute of Art, and the Chicago Apple store. I am sorry I could not meet up with many of my friends in Chicago, the trip was planned pretty late and I went in having no clue about the city. I also was not able to ride the "L", but "Train Derailment" seemed like a reasonable excuse (I did get to ride the Metra into the city through).

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