December 11, 2005

Community Voice Mail

I think what the Community Voice Mail people are doing to help those in need of employment, housing and victims of domestic violence is great. It appears as though they are moving to a Cisco VOIP solution to further expand their setup through the generosity of Cisco's $2.5 million grant. While I am in awe of Cisco's generosity, I hope this works out for the long term solution that CVM is looking for. By deploying the proprietary solution that Cisco is providing, it could create havoc when CVM is forced to move to a new system or needs to expand its feature set down the road.

I hope that Steve Albertson is working with Cisco to provide CVM with an exit strategy so that users of the service do not loose any information if they have to transfer to a new system. While I have not personally dealt with the scalability of Asterisk I believe its certainly worth their looking in to.

One advantage I see to deploying an Asterisk solution would be that a network could be built so that people in the community could help out. People running Asterisk servers, who would not have access to expensive proprietary systems, could help by providing local access numbers and CPU cycles. This could potentially increase the availability of CVM to areas of the country to where there is not an office. While many of us have mobile phone plans where it long distance calling is not any issue anymore, this is still a large problem for others. Of course this type of network could also decrease the load on the main CVM servers and get people involved in CVM who would not otherwise be involved.

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