November 28, 2005

thanksgiving break

Got back into town today after spending Thanksgiving at my parents. While I was there I did some reading, writing, eating, and sleeping. I even got to watch some football on TV, which doesn't not happen often.

While away I read Freakonomics, the GAO report on College Textbooks and the beginnings of The Wisdom of Crowds.

I wrote about textbooks and Wiki Customization. I should have spent more time on job researching but this is what came out when I sat down in front of my laptop.

I went to see Capote at the State Theater in downtown Ann Arbor. It was an excellent film. I am glad I went to see it as it is not playing in Kalamazoo.

This week I have my senior design project presentation and final report due. I will have to begin studying for finals immidiatly, as my exams are next week. Because my studying for Buisness class has been pretty lackluster, I have put a plan in place to read all of my textbook in the course of one week. It boils down to reading 100 pages a day. Two days down, 5 to go. Anyone think I can make it?

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