November 03, 2005

Scattered Thoughts

I think your supposed to learn early on in college that school takes up the majority of your time. I guess I'm a bit slow, I am learning it in my senior year. Over the past couple weeks I have delt with an unbelievable number of assignments, taking my time to do anything for work or fun to a whopping zero. I have four assignments due Monday, and thats for one class. I have 7 total due at the end of the weekend.

This weekend is also Plan 4 or Pl4n as it has come to be known as. So if your in the Kalamazoo, Michigan area please stop by and play some video games. I have no computer functional to play the games of today but I will be there faithfully taking participants money and handing out the prizes.

So, for the first time since I started going to college, school has started to affect my sleep patterns. I am staying up later to get stuff done, or to try and wind down my brain after a long homework period. What a waste.

Due to my friends overwellming arguments that I am the lamest geek for not knowing anything about science fiction I spent a couple evenings reading Ender's Game. It was a pretty good read and a nice break since I have not read anything of fiction in a long time. I especially enjoyed the parts about the children using the 'nets' to write anonymous weekly columns about whatever they wanted, I'm glad that is finally a reality. However, last night Kristen informed me their are 7 or so other books that come as sequals to this book, oh dear...thats a lot of reading, are they any good? btw...Happy Birthday Kristen!

I get to sign up for my last semester of classes on Monday, anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone taken a public speeking class before? I would imagine the class is no fun, but are they helpful? Easy?

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Frankly. No, they aren't. The first followup is, then it becomes more and more a trip throughout Card exploring his own version of christianity through a fantastic SF setting. Unfortunately I'm a chronic "must read all of theese" so I did purge through them all.

Honest opinion? read the second one (speaker for the dead) then save yourself the time and go read Mark Fabi's "Wyrm" : )

Posted by: Spider at November 3, 2005 10:43 PM