October 22, 2005


I have several unfinished blog entries that range from simple and helpful to rude and disgraceful sitting on my laptop hard drive right now but I thought it important to break my silence. For the past 18 or so hours I have either been reading about Asterisk, eating or sleeping. I should have been reading why the world is flat so I can write a 20 page book report on it for class but Asterisk seemed more interesting.

I already knew some about Asterisk since I had set it up to work with my iaxy and written an app that can run on the computers in my apartment to pop up a notification when someone calls.


As with most of my projects I try to use a bunch of new technologies so I can learn a bit. This one uses: C#, AGI, C, libnotify, & GIOChannel.

Since i had some Asterisk experience I flew through the book quickly, its is a great read for anyone interesting in starting to use Asterisk. There is a fair amount of appendicies at the end so I imagine it will serve as good reference material.

I am collecting a list of ways people think it would be useful to tie Hula and Asterisk. Ideas that have been already submitted are as follows:

  • Receive voicemail as attachment in email inbox

  • Reminders before a meeting/event on your calendar

  • Be able to call your calendar and have it read today's itinerary

  • Setup a conference room and call people into a group meeting that has been scheduled with Hula.

For other ideas, please either email me or comment below.

Posted by gasiorek at October 22, 2005 01:54 PM | TrackBack

Ok, I can think of a few:

* Hula manages contacts, contacts have phone numbers. We can surely do stuff with this information (i.e., "call this person" buttons on e-mails/contact cards/searches etc., which automatically calls them from your handset)

* SMS messaging - I don't know how/if Asterisk handles it, but it's a telephone service so I imagine it should - again, integration with contacts info. Not just text messages, but most phones (tho' usually mobiles) can handle contact vcards sent as SMS, and also do picture messaging.

* being able to remotely interrogate contacts would be useful - some kind of touch-tone interface based on the letters on the keypad would be the best, but you'd need some kind of regex search. This would be like Hula directory services or something.

* best of all, having the backends integrated so that you can manage all the facilities from your local directory administrator. Not a user feature I know, but it would be sweet.

(PS Gasman, your comment filtering is broken - it's asking for a URL, but not letting me type in http[colon] - ewww ;)

Posted by: Alex Hudson at October 23, 2005 05:59 AM

Here are a couple more:

How about ringing the phone when you have an appointment notification.

If the phone has a display, how about polling for unread msgs in inbox and displaying them on the phone.

Or perhaps, text to speech reading of email via the phone.

Posted by: stb at October 26, 2005 11:48 PM
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