September 27, 2005


This evening, with help from my friend Chris, I set up a nice VOIP solution so I 1) don't have to use my mobile phone for work calls 2) don't have to pay SBC a lot of money.

I purchased the Digium IAXy and first tried to connect it to Voicepulse Connect!. It appears that Voicepulse Connect! requires the use of public keys these days which my little IAXy wouldn't support. Despite the extra effort this created, it gave me the chance to set up Asterisk.

So now my IAXy connects to my Linux box which runs Asterisk. The Asterisk box connects to Voicepuse's servers and I now have incomming and outgoing calls. Neat huh?

So, no doubt, I've already started scheming of how to connect this all to Hula. A wake up call system using festival? A Sphinx based system to call in appointments? Some ability for me to use a moviephone thinger to check the movie time and the schedule it on my hula calendar and invite all my friends?

Last night I finished reading Brand Hijack: Marketing Without Marketing. I started this book right before the semester started but then school took over my life and I didn't have a chance to finish it. I really enjoyed the book and found an amazing amount of similarities with how the authors view of a brand that is shaped by the users and with open source software communities. I love how wiki's, especially when used for a projects entire webiste, play right into this.

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