September 25, 2005

Rebound Weekend

After what was a bad week last week, I have been rebounding with what is turning into a fairly successful weekend. Yesterday I helped my friend learn AJAX. I came up with a list of somewhat realistic ideas of what we could explore using AJAX. Some have been done before, some are stupid and some don't require AJAX at all. In the end we went with the battleship game example, which turned out to require far to much UI work and limited the time we could actually spend on AJAX hacking. Oh well, maybe next time we'll do something simpler.

In talking with some of my friends this weekend, I learned that I had already convinced them to drive down to Columbus, OH with me to the Ohio LinuxFest. The conference less than a week away now and I'm started to get pretty excited about it. If anyone wants me to speak of anything in particular involving Hula please email me and I'll try to incorporate your questions/concerns into my talk. I have been in touch with some of the other Novell folks going this year and it looks like we'll have a good presence at the conference.

Last night I went out to 1420 to welcome Kobie back from Iraq. It was great to see everyone again although I must admit I did get tired of overhearing people talking about the crummy University of Michigan football game. It is a sad day when UM has the same record as my school's team. I still think that if UM plays a clock control game, with Grady and Hart on the ground, Avant over the middle and occasionally tossing in the famous UM end-around they have a strong chance of beating MSU next weekend. In the end I should have listened to Robert and jumped on the University of Florida bandwagon, despite that not even he could not have predicted the Bull's victory over Louisville.

I have been dropping in and out of the Beagle UI Hackfest this weekend. I wish I could spend more time there but I have a bunch of homework and a few midterms this week and it was about time I actually did laundry.

Update: Talk about being productive, today I've studied for my econ exam, completed 5 online quizes for music class, studied for my music exam, finished my business homework (which involved reading most of a buisness week magazine) and did 4 loads of laundry (which are all folded and put away).

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