September 23, 2005

Bad Week

This has been one of those weeks that would be manageable if I had known ahead of time that all of this crap would be happening. Tuesday was a day when everything I did went wrong. It got so bad that when I tried to cook a frozen pizza in the oven, I burned it. If you don't have the skills with you that day to cook a frozen pizza then things just aren't going well for you. Things got a little bit better when my friend Darren (who badly needs a website) took me out for some pumpkin ale. So if I was short with anyone this week, I'm sorry.

The rest of the week was filled with work for my 2 group projects this semester. Colleges are always told that students need to have some practice working on teams because they will probably do that in there future job. The problem is that there is a world of difference between working as part of a team at work and participating in a group project at school.

The largest problem being that of time. When you have to prepare a presentation or complete a task by the next class period, which typically gives you less than 48hrs, you are faced with very few opportunities for your group to meet. Most of the time it ends up being something along the lines of "Jim and I will meet this afternoon, we'll email(1) you what we have. You and Beth should finish that up tomorrow and we'll meet 5 min before next class to decide presentation order." However thats a very clean example, there is usually at least 1 or 2 people who can't meet either of the days.

At a job, you can expect the other group members to be at the office each morning so, even if you have to schedule around meetings there is usually time and you are rarely faced with group members disappearing for a month or so because he was busy working with his other group.

(1) btw...I'm getting sick of the emailing of files. I had a plan for a better solution one night but then I erased my whiteboard :(

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