September 12, 2005

When I'm Sixty-Four

Its been a pretty long weekend, not nearly as restful as I had hoped. I did spend some time Friday evening relaxing as my roommate and I hooked up my old Nintendo system. We then spent a couple hours going through the rather repetitive process of blowing in an old cartridge and then hoping it works. Its seems that after all this time I am still rather good at wielding the simple 4 button (A, B, Select, Start) controller.

Between this flashback to my childhood and Sunday being Sept. 11th, I was forced to think about what, if anything, I will be able to remember later in my life. Will I still remember how to skip to the last world in Super Mario Bros. 3? Will I still know which trees to burn and which rocks to blow up to reveal hidden caves in The Legend of Zelda? And why, of all things, would I still remember these items? They serve little useful purpose in my life but those things are burned into my memory all while each morning I have difficulty remembering how to make the sink in my bathroom spit out hot water as opposed to cold? Oh well.

DId a lot of work on all day events in Hula this weekend. Here is a screenshot:


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I'm trying to put together a sports calendar. Lots of folks would be accessing it. Would Hula be a good solution for this? Do you know any hungry Hula developers that I could contact for help?


Posted by: Paul Terry Walhus at September 23, 2005 08:11 AM

When I tried to post the url above, it said don't put h t t p in your comment. I guess this converts it automatically.

Paul McCartney will be 64 soon. Wrote the song "When I'm 64"

Posted by: Paul Terry Walhus at September 23, 2005 08:12 AM
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