September 06, 2005

All Day Events

I have had a very busy few weeks. I got back from Boston and stayed around Ann Arbor for a week, then it was a week out at school, only to go back to Ann Arbor for labor day weekend and now I am back in Kalamazoo, MI. However I have kept myself busy with all the Hula work that is left to do. Last week I worked a bit on overlapping bubbles but I didn't like my approach so that won't be hitting svn until I rework some code. However this weekend I started work on all day events.


There are obviously a few inconsistancies left to sort out, all day events I was trying to have be filled in bubbles to distinguish them from regular events. However the sidebar will have to be filled-in. Also the all day events will deal with overlapping by popping up new rows in the 'allday' section of the screen. The screenshot doesn't reflect this yet. If anyone has any suggesetions on Hula Calendar interface stuff there are lots of ways to propose your ideas. IRC (my nick is gasman), Mailing lists, or Wiki (don't forget to use the talk pages).

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