August 26, 2005

Statler and Waldorf

Initial check in

In trying to live up to the great Petert I have checked in the initial stuff for my hula web calendar prototype.

The code should be regarded as experimental as it still has lots of bugs and is feature incomplete. I have started a separate component in Hula's bugzilla to help keep track of known issues bugs and feature suggestions should be placed there.

At this point in time very little work has been done to make the calendar perform on browsers other than Firefox and on slower machines. Don't worry these will be supported in the future, this is just an initial check in.

To conform with Hula guidelines you should submit your patches to the hula developer mailing list. Feature suggestions should be placed in bugzilla appropriately.

If you are daring and would like to help you can test the code without running the Hula server at this current time. To test:

Step 1: Check Out the web prototypes from Hula's Subversion server:
$ svn checkout svn+ssh://[email protected]/svn/hula/trunk/web-prototypes

Step 2: Open up Firefox

Step 3: Inside of Firefox go to the File Menu and perform the open operation. Navigate to the web-prototypes directory and open the 'cal.html'.

There is a TODO file that is in your svn checkout that should list some general things that need worked on.

Posted by gasiorek at August 26, 2005 11:32 AM | TrackBack

GREAT Work ! I loved the work you guys are doing, keep up the great work. I only wish I had some of the talent the hula group does.

Posted by: Paul Applegate at August 26, 2005 01:32 PM

Hey Joe, seriously, hula is looking great. Awesome job.

Posted by: Eric at September 16, 2005 01:41 PM

It's asking for a password.

Posted by: Otavio at September 21, 2005 12:28 PM

Very nice. I hope you'll update very soon. , right round will create plane without any questions

Posted by: Benjamin Anderson at March 30, 2006 05:43 AM
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