August 22, 2005

Back home

I am now back in Ann Arbor, thank you to everyone who helped make this summer a blast! I still have not come up with a clever way of detailing what I did this summer so in the meantime I thought I would list some of the Best/Worst things about this summer.

Biggest Disappointment: MIT - Really this place is dead on the weekends, and there is very few places to eat at lunch in Kendall Sq. For example "The Coop" at Harvard was open on Sunday, but not the on in Kendall.

Best Business Advice: Don't think big, think huge. Your goal is not to have everyone on your block owning your product, you want everyone in the world to own it.

Strangest Moment: That time those naked people were lying down behind 7-11 and couldn't stand up.

Best Book: On Intelligence

Band Listened to Most This Summer: The Beatles or Modest Mouse - I loved being able to load up numerous albums on my ipod have it play for hours and hours and not having to worry about it stopping

Best Frequency of Changing The World: Daily.

Best Leak - Some might say it was openSUSE, but I think that falls well others behind finding out the true reason my irc nick is gasman.

Best University in Florida: My head says USF but Robert's influence has become so great that I even have orange & blue books on my bookshelf, so I have to go with UF.

Most Important Thing to Remember to Getting What You Want: Remember to say please & thank you (and have sexy graphics in your demo).

Best Web Browser: Whatever one I'm not dealing with right now.

Most Used IM Protocol: MSN, I have way to many AIM buddies to be on it at work and gwim is uhh...I guess I shouldn't go there.

Best Reason to live with female roommates: Hot, sweaty, pillow fights.

Best Hidden Jewel: MBTA Bus Route #64. If you can master this bus route, and can overlook the fact that neither the bells, the electronic signage or doors work correctly on the busses for this route you will be in for a pleasant surprise.

Best Way to Entertain an interviewee: "Over there is a box of colored pencils and some paper, go color for a while."

Biggest Reason to start a riot: Mass. blue laws. I'm sorry, I really do need to be able to purchase alcohol after 11pm. I just don't have that kind of vision to know this stuff ahead of time.

Best Reason to wear a wig: Peer-pressure.

Favorite Website: Wagner and Associates.

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